With practical lessons and own method, based on adult learning techniques, our workshops are focused on qualification, information, specialization, enhancement of knowledge, and also superior standards of continuous education, with the student’s active participation in the learning process, which helps knowledge retention.

The relevance of the content, the experience of our Specialists and facilitators, the continuous assessment of the teaching-learning process and compliance with our students’ professional needs, these are all decisive factors to bring about the success of our workshops. All of our courses are focused on the Closed Complementary Pensions segment, in order to fill a gap in the specific qualifications of this field’s professionals.

All courses offered by UniAbrapp give credits as part of the Continuing Education Program of the Institute for Certification of Social Security Professionals (Instituto de Certificação dos Profissionais da Seguridade Social– ICSS).

There are three categories of courses offered by UniAbrapp:

Knowledge Trails

These are short courses (with duration of either 8 or 16 hours) which aim at providing professional qualification, considering the knowledge and skills necessary to work in 9 different theme areas: Self-Management of Health Insurance Plans, Actuary, Communication and Relationships, Accountancy, Investment, Legal Affairs, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Security.

The 9 Trails follow 3 levels of specialization – Fundamentals; Concepts and Skills; Strategy and Management – and the organization of the training courses allows the establishment of Individual Development Trails, thereby enabling the joint composition of specialization and wide-scope learning about the business.

Pension Funds: Board Member’s Role and Responsibilities

64 hours training program (divided into 4 modules, of 16 hours each) which seeks, from a practical perspective and also bearing in mind the specific needs and challenges of the public, to train the board members to be, in a collegiate manner, agents that promote the development of good governance policies among pension funds.

Brazilian and International Models of Pension Plans

Comprising two modules of 8 hours each, this course seeks to transmit general knowledge about the Brazilian model for pensions, involving an analysis of the existing options for establishment of pension savings, as also the most important International Models, based on the viewpoint of the best practices for several theme areas.​